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ASUS has elevated itself to a leader in mobile PCs over the last few years, and it is trying to become the big name in tablets as well . In this article we take a look at what the company brings to the table. And for 2012, tablet shipments are forecast to hit 122.3m (according to IDC’s latest forecast, made in December).

So here is a set of steps you would perform to backup the MBR before installing windows. Then after installing windows, you use the Rescue memory stick and commands to restore the MBR. It is capable of installing a number of versions of linux from the selection drop box at the top of the window. But it is also able to take most ISO files and convert them for installation on a memory stick. A tablet PC easel can compensate for the unitized construction of a tablet computer, making it possible to easily display presentations and videos while holding a computer at a convenient angle for receiving input. Here we review just a few tablet PC easel products that can make your life better.

Use the one-year subscription to access Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Access to create new projects and collaborate with others. Understanding the differences and the favorite tasks for each is essential for anyone in the market to buy. Before you pay good money for either, learn the facts so you can make a more confident purchase. Have you heard the phrase “netbook computer” and wondered what it meant? It’s a word that sometimes gets used in place of “laptop,” but this can be misleading. While netbooks are considered a type of laptop, and they share similarities, this category of electronics has its own benefits and uses.

One article nicknamed a netbook running OS X a “Hackintosh.” The Macbook Air can be considered an expensive netbook. These were provided under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Digital Education Revolution, or DER. These netbooks were secured with Computrace Lojack for laptops that the police can use to track the device if it is lost or stolen. The NSW DET retains ownership of these netbooks until the student graduates from Year 12, when the student can keep it. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago—Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bisseser—is also providing HP laptops to form 1 Students (11-year-olds) with the same police trackable software as above.

The typical netbook buyer wants a highly portable, “smaller-than-a-laptop” system but doesn’t need the speediest processor, high-capacity hard drive or other features of a bigger, heavier laptop. In short, as shown in the following table, a netbook is a compromise. The netbook market is now dominated by smaller manufacturers.

It starts up and stops relatively quickly, not nearly as fast as some of the netbooks. But on the other hand, it has a hard disk covering 250 Gig of space. The battery is good for about 5 hours operation, and it has a reasonable keyboard. The screen is 10.1 inches, and the processor is an Intel Atom. It came with 1 gig of ram, which is OK for Linux but light for use with Windows 7, the Operating System it came with. The suggestion that ultrabooks – very thin, light laptops – killed the netbook doesn’t make sense, since ultrabooks have barely made any impact on the laptop market, let alone the wider PC market.

Netbooks vary by the operating system, but most run on software that’s designed to work from the internet. With most of the functionality happening online, there’s less to store on the computer’s hard drive. This allows the netbook to have a more modest processor and less memory, too. With a slimmed-down set of features, it usually costs much less than its full-sized laptop counterparts. Netbooks split the difference between traditional, full-service laptop PCs, or notebooks, and smaller, more-limited devices such as Web-enabled “smart phones” and personal desktop assistants . Most models retail for significantly less than traditional laptops, weigh less than a kilogram , and typically feature display screens that measure only about 25 cm diagonally.

About the size of a tabletop sewing machine, the Osborne did not have any battery power, running only on electricity instead, but it allowed computer users to work with a computer while on the go. The HP Mini 1103 is a decently designed netbook that offers extreme portability and battery life with an affordable price tag starting at $299. Lenovo has already announced their Ideapad S10 and Dell is expected to enter this market with a small Inspiron model rumored to start at $299. Essentially, these models are very similar to what’s currently available. In fact, there are very few differentiators amongst the crowd. Price is probably the most compelling, followed by the feature set.

One of its latest models, the Aspire One D250, is a 10.1-inch netbook that you can easily find online for can easily be found online for $289, drawing a clear distinction with full-fledged laptops. Despite the price, this new design is sleeker and has a mode solid, upscale feel to it than Acer’s original Aspire One D150. But it is now also available with the 1.66GHz Atom N280 and Windows 7 Starter. The D250 comes in Diamond Black, Seashell White, Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue. Other 10.1-inch netbooks with similarly-low prices ($299.99) include the Dell Mini 10v and HP Mini 110. Asus invented the netbook category with its Eee PC, and though Acer has since overtaken it, Asus continues to crank out lots of highly-rated netbooks under its Eee PC brand.

Ordering more memory or an additional drive option is not usually a possibility. Depending on whom you ask, you may get different definitions of a netbook and laptop. The widely-accepted rule about what makes each type of product different is size and functionality.

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